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Sponsoring the Robocon 2022 HK organized by HKSTP

It is delighted to be sponsoring the Robocon 2022 HK which is held by the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation annually. There was a total of 14 teams from 8 colleges and universities, and a total of 200 interdisciplinary college students participated in this competition.

"Tower of Speed" is the competition theme of this year, which is an idea derived from a traditional Indian game "Lagori". Participants are divided into two groups. Two robots are sent to play the role of offence and defence. It is glad to see students complete the competition with their passion and creativity!👍🏻

Participants this year come from diverse backgrounds. Students studying different disciplines are also able to join the competition. It reflects mechanics related interest is no longer limited to disciplines. It is hoped that students can continue to work hard and be able to have more achievements in the future!


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