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Reduce Human Process, Self Service, Skip the queue.


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Car park or reward redemption uses our A.I. Innocorn Vision technology and robotic process automation to automatically scan and extract relevant information from shopping receipts, which can then be used to redeem parking fees or reward redemption.

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What is InnoVision?

InnoVision, is a technology that converts printed or handwritten text into machine-readable form. It uses computer algorithms to analyze and interpret scanned documents, images, or text, enabling the extraction and recognition of characters, words, and information for various applications such as data entry automation and document digitization.

Fields that can be auto-extract

Reduce the spending time to train new model for different needs, our solutions recognise various receipt fields, total 48 differents types of field, including:


Simple Step

AI Auto Car Park Redemption




Take a picture of the receipt and upload the receipt from mobile app. 




AI program can detect the data and information from the receipt, like Shop Name, Data & Time, Address, and Total Amount




Rewards can be redeemed for the customer via Kiosk machine.




Rewards can be redeemed for the customer via Kiosk machine.


Key Features

High Accuracy

AI auto car park redemption utilizes OCR technology to achieve precise and reliable scanning and extraction of information from receipts, ensuring accurate parking fee redemption.

Simple Integration

The solution can be easily integrated into existing car park systems, minimizing implementation complexities and allowing for seamless adoption.

Multi-language support

The system is capable of interpreting receipts in various languages, accommodating diverse user needs and providing a seamless experience for international drivers.

Fast Response

With its efficient OCR capabilities and automation, the system offers quick response times, reducing waiting periods for drivers and enhancing overall parking experience.

Enhanced Productivity

By automating the ticket redemption process through OCR and RPA, the system improves operational efficiency, freeing up staff resources and enabling faster and smoother transactions.

Cost Savings

By automating manual processes and reducing reliance on human intervention, the solution helps save costs associated with labor and potential errors, leading to improved cost-effectiveness for car park operations.

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Robotic Process Automation

By employing InnoVision, the system can efficiently read and interpret the details on the receipts, enabling seamless redemption of parking fees. The integration of RPA further enhances the operational efficiency of car parks by automating the entire ticket redemption process. 

This innovative solution significantly reduces the waiting time for drivers, ensuring a smooth and expedited parking experience.

  • Increased efficiency

  • Improved accuracy

  • Cost saving

  • Enhanced productivity

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