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Innocorn partners with RTHK (香港電台) to introduce AI host "AI 車淑梅"

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

The collaboration between Innocorn Technology and RTHK (香港電台) continues to evolve with the introduction of "AI 車淑梅" and the integration of AI technology on radio programming.

Innocorn Technology, a prominent company providing AI solutions, is now collaborating with RTHK to launch their latest AI host --- "AI 車淑梅". This cutting-edge initiative combines artificial intelligence and entertainment. "AI Candy" is now hosted on the interactive quiz game "Twenty Questions about RTHK Radio 1" with famous host Chea Shuk Mui, Candy, interacting to listeners and asking questions about RTHK.

"AI Candy" is synthesized to accurately capture Candy Chea's appearance and voice. Her cartoonish and humorous appearance aims to reflect Candy Chea's amiable nature.

To create a realistic AI capable of meaningful conversations, "AI Candy" underwent extensive training using a vast amount of photos and audio files from Candy Chea. The complexity of replicating speech tones, rhythms, and voiceprints that unique to individuals made this task particularly demanding. Innocorn Technology overcame all obstacles and successfully crossed this significant challenge after releasing over ten versions.

Innocorn Technology aims to bring a new dimension of interactivity and entertainment to audience with RTHK. "AI Candy" serves as a bridge between technology and human interaction, providing a distinct and engaging experience on radio programming. Welcome to interact with "AI Candy" and explore the possibilities of this innovative AI host on RTHK's Facebook and Instagram now.


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