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Innocorn's AI Video Monitoring System was reported by Ming Pao

Innocorn Technology's Managing Director, Clement Chu, is invited to introduce our multi-Functional AI video monitoring system on Ming Pao Daily News. In the report, he demonstrated the great potential of AI video monitoring on enhancing safety, productivity and efficiency across different industries. You can read the full article here.

Our AI ​​model are trained using example footage from the target industry or use case. Using normal HD webcams paired with AI software, the models are typically able to learn identifying risks, hazards or non-compliance with safety procedures that are specific to that field.

For example, in the restaurant, our system can detect if cooking equipment is left unattended with fire/gas on and alert managers. In construction sites, it ensures safe crane operation by verifying all outriggers are down before movement.

Moving forward, Innocorn Technology is developing an AI generation content (AIGC) platform to help train our models when real data is limited. We always commit to provide different AI video recognition solutions, to help various industries improve occupational safety and operational efficiency.


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