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Experience Innocorn AI ambassador Kimia with Fish Marketing Organization

In a collaborative effort, Innocorn Technology and Fish Marketing Organization join forces to promote local high-quality fish. Our AI concierge, Kimia is offering diverse customer service and information about local fishery inside D.PARK.

Innocorn Technology, a Hong Kong-based company specializing artificial intelligence ("A.I.") solutions, dedicated to enhancing technology and creating seamless user experiences for various organizations. As part of AFCD Accredited Fish Farm Scheme, Fish Marketing Organization has collaborated with us to introduce the cutting-edge AI ambassador--- Kimia.

Involving advanced AI technologies and natural language processing (NLP) capabilities, our AI ambassador Kimia is capable of addressing various inquiries regarding local fishery and Fish Marketing Organization. Including fish species, certified fish, recipe and interactive learning, also answer the questions by customers.

Through Kimia's assistance, customers can readily acquire top-notch local fish ingredients, and gain a better understanding of different local fishermen's brands and products. Innocorn Technology always unlock the possibilities of AI assistants, and looks forward to implementing Smart AI Assistant solutions across diverse industries. Kimia is inside the physical store of Local Fresh in D.PARK now, feel free to greet with her if you visit there.


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