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Innocorn is rewarded in 2022 Hong Kong FinTech Impetus Awards

Innocorn won the Artificial Intelligence Award in the 2022 Hong Kong FinTech Impetus Awards.

Innocorn is a start-up company that has been endeavoured to create innovation in the technology industry. We have been focusing on making contributions to the development of artificial intelligence and machine learning. For example, our AI customer service ambassador, is a conversation AI assistant that can used in multiple situations. It can provide customers with better service experiences, offer customer service a new solution and choice.

With other famous organizations being parts of the winner, including Huatai International and HSBC. It is a great honour for Innocorn to be recognized of what we have achieved by professional accreditation and the industry.

In the ceremony, our co-founder Daniel have also introduced Innocorn’s determination and mission in the growth of technology. “We are delighted to share our commitment in technology development with other star-ups and financial institutions, it helps us to learn and progress within this community,” Daniel said.


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