Artificial Intelligence 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) or machine learning is the present. 
Integrate Artificial Intelligence into your daily business operation to transform your business challenges into opportunities. 
Monitor productivity, study demographics, crowd counting, target marketing, and understand emotions and many more.... 

Our Solution 


An AI-powered analytics  system  designed

to be integrated with cameras CCTV to  provide  valuable  insights   for  any  target business. 


Combines artificial intelligence (AI),  machine learning, cameras and vision analytics to help you understand   your business  and   customers


Real-time dashboard to provide reliable and in-depth analytical information. 

Our core technology 


• Facial recognition 

• Facial demographic 

• Emotion recognition 


• Traffic recognition

• Number plate recognition 


• Object recognition 

• Customizable attribute


• Crowd counting 

• Heatmap  

• Journey mapping 


• Skeleton detection 

• Motion recognition

Facial Recognition

Detect, Recognize and Gather information from facial images and videos.   With our AI enabled solution, we will help you to detect faces, recognise faces from your image library and emotions/behavior, as well as gathering facial demographics information. 

Facial recognition 


Recognize faces from your library of images.  To perform facial matches to find target subjects.  Identify people from images or videos real-time.   

Facial demographic 


Analyse facial demographics - identify gender and estimate age.

Emotion / Behavior recognition 


Detect and recognize emotion and behavior.  Understand and analyse the emotion and behavior of a monitored crowd.


ID Card


It enables to capture a high-quality image in real-time. Once an image of the ID is sent to the verification server in parallel, information will be automatically extracted and returned. These relevant data can be validated.

Crowd Counting

The ability to count or estimate the number of people in a crowd.  Analyse how the crowd is concentrated and their journey map to better understand people behaviors.

Crowd counting 


The ability to count or estimate the number of people in a crowd.  



Analyse the heatmap in a event or shop location. To identify which areas is the most visited in a confined space.  

Journey mapping 


Understand customer behavior by analysing their journey map in a event or shop location.  Mapping out every step your user or customer takes. Hoping to find your highest channels, traffic, lead generation, or any other marketing goal you want to map.


Traffic Detection

Vechicle number plate recognition, vehicle category type identification, and counting for traffic detection and management.

Car Type and Number counting

Identify the specific car category, such as 4 seaters, vans, and trucks.    Ability to count the number of cars on the road or confined space.

Number Plate Recognition 

Analyse the heatmap in a event or shop location. To identify which areas is the most visited in a confined space.  


Object Classification

Detect and Recognise specific objects or products.   Ablity to provide auto-tagging to supplement product information and the support to provide visual search with images.

Object recognition 


Recognize specific objects, products or items.

Customizable attributes  


Ability to support customizable atributes to enrich the recognition process.


Skeleton Detection

People or skeleton detection identifies people and their specific positions and recognize specific movements and motions.  Our solution will help to detect a list of defined motions or movements to help with performance monitoring and tracking.

Skeleton detection


Detect the positioning of the human body, including the  heads, shoulders, arms and other parts.  This act as the basis for motion recognition.

Motion recognition


Recognize different body movements effectively.  Ability to detect a list of defined motions or movements. Customizable movement detection capability.

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