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Digital Avatars

Empower Your Customer Support with
Conversational A.I.

ChatGPT Integrated

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AI Assistant is the future.

Our technology offers human-like avatars for various industry and application.

AI avatars are able to listen and give real-time response. It provides realistic human-like interaction, by interactivity, voice, dressing, and appearance.


Innovation GPS

We were pleasure to have an interview on TVB’s tech news show - Innovation GPS. The two minutes content briefly shows our products and advantages on the market.

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Things you didn’t even think were possible.

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Use Case
by Industry

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Shopping Mall
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Office Building
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Advanced Features

Better Together

Integrated different technologies to extend functionality.

Screen White Noise

OCR Technology

Automating data extraction


A.I. OCR Program

Automating form-filling

Screen White Noise

A.I. Service Robot

Human-machine interactions


Customized diverse advertisements

Customized face photographs databases

Award Solution Widely Recognised by Market

At Innocorn, we're all about delivering exceptional and innovative solutions that tackle real business challenges head-on.

We've earned some pretty prestigious accolades along the way, like the Fintech Award, the HKRMA Smart Retailing Award, and the RTIA Retail Innovation Award. Our services have made such an impact that industry experts just can't help but recognize our excellence.

Media Coverage