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Meet Our Innocorn A.I. Kimia at Infinitus Plaza

Innocorn AI ambassador Kimia is now live in Infinitus Plaza. Starting today, Kimia is onboarded as our Smart A.I. Concierge to provide various customer service support to visitors at the Infinitus Plaza. Please drop by to say hi to our Kimia if you are around the area.

Innocorn is an artificial intelligence (“A.I.”) solutions provider in Hong Kong, focused on improving the technology industry by creating intelligent life for various organizations. In order to seize the opportunity for the development of the global artificial intelligence industry, Innocorn uses NLP and OCR technology to create an artificial intelligence service ambassador --- Kimia. Kimia can chat with customers and help them find mall discounts, new products and store locations. Using artificial intelligence technology, Kimia can also provide customer consultation, recommend relevant brands, stores and coupons and other services traditionally provided by information desks.

With the rapid changes in consumers' shopping preferences, compared with traditional advertising display, Kimia, the artificial intelligence service ambassador, actively attracts customers and uses OCR technology to record each interaction, which allows shopping malls to automatically extract data quickly, conveniently and easily, so as to promote interactive marketing and increase sales.

By using AI ambassador Kimia, Infinitus Plaza can create a smart business environment without high labor costs while providing customers with 24*7 high-quality services.

We look forward to more live application of our Smart AI Concierge solution to help business across different industries to automate and streamline their customer servicing processes.


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