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Artificial Intelligence in the hospitality industry

With artificial intelligence increasingly used in the retail industry and successfully enhancing customer experience, AI also starts entering into the hospitality industry. The ability for AI to collect customer data is beneficial for hotels to better understand customers’ preferences from various perspectives when they are staying in hotels, which enable hotels to provide better customer services with the use of AI.

The capacity of AI to use its data analytics platform can help hotels to learn about their clients. Through using the full potential of AI software, hotels can successfully collect quantities of information, including customer’s purchases, hotel rating queries, payment methods and more. The collected information and data can be used to further analyse customer preferences when they are traveling, staying and enjoying the facilities in hotels. The combination of AI in hotel business, can not only develop advanced and customized services for customers, but also eliminate the expenditure spent on human workforce customer services as well as the working pressure on frontline employees.

Imagine you are tired after a long-time flight and want to rest at the hotel directly after landing. When you arrived at the hotel, you were told to wait for at least half an hour for the check-in. This is a normal situation happening in hotels, especially during the vacation. As to solve similar problems in the hospitality industry, our company AI ambassador: Kimia, can be a good helper.


Kimia offers customers to self-check-in and check-out. It can save customer time from overlong waiting time. Customers can also reserve hotel facilities through Kimia, which is fast and convenient.

Interactive experience

Through Kimia, customers can easily make requests to hotels by their voices. Besides, Kimia is able to interact with customers and provide instant information. At the same time, Kimia can learn from human languages and make adjustments. The more customers Kimia talks to, the better it gets.

Understand customers

The big data element powers the ability of artificial intelligence to satisfy customers’ demands. Its information classification and management systems help hotels to better understanding by gaining a vast collection of customers’ data. More than that, AI can use its extensive database to analyse the personalized preferences of each customer and provide customized service.

In-room tablet

In-room tablet that connects to the AI assistant. Customers are able to use the tablet to do things including control in-room devices, call for room service, call to front desk etc. The tablet enables customers to achieve every demand they need in the hotel without leaving their room.

24/7 service

AI doesn’t have to take rest. Therefore, customers can ask questions at any time, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week and receive instant and accurate responses from the AI ambassador. Hotels are also able to respond in a timely manner to customers around the world even late at night, which can enhance customer experiences and generate more revenue for the hotel.


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