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Glass Buildings

Security Monitoring and Crime Prevention

With our facial recognition and verification technology which allows facial recongition and matches to the subject of interests.  Facial recongition and verfication can help city planners and property managers to verify residents identity to safeguard the interests of the residents.




With our AI technology, you can use to better understand the demographic information in the city.  By understanding the gender, age and count people in the city, this provide valuable information for ongoing city planning and management.   

Traffic management

Our service will provide the useful statistics for traffic management.   Ability to count and identify the types of vehicles to learn the distribution in the city.  In addition the ability to recognise number plate for security and identification purpose.

Crowd management

Our service will help to count the number of people in a crowd.  This is particular important in helping city or event planners to identify the number of people in a confined location.



Waste management

use an intelligent waste management system to collect and track garbage If you
accidentally throw things.


Crime prevention

monitoring the house when leaving for a long time. it will be Alarm if the
house being Burglary.


Ensure Safety

Building a safe environment for citizens from our AI's data. Hoping to reduce injuries and accidents as well as improve the crowd management in Hong Kong.


Pet and baby monitor

observing your pet or baby when not at home. ensure they are safe and
prevent incident happen


Crowd control

counting people via the AI system in order to manage and limit the crowd
at the same building or store.


Reducing road congestion

Connected traffic lights receive data from sensors and cars adjusting light cadence and timing to respond to real-time traffic.

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