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Innocorn won “Banking Tech” award in IFTA FinTech and Innovation Awards 2021/2022

The IFTA FinTech and Innovation Awards proudly exhibit the extraordinary achievements of companies and individuals in the financial and technology industries for the fourth consecutive year. With the theme 'Two Worlds, One Goal: The Virtualisation of Reality' for 2021/2022, the IFTA FinTech and Innovation Awards highlight the importance of innovation in the physical world to facilitate the conceptualization of new virtual worlds. The future of FinTech will be linked to how well the physical and virtual worlds converge to enhance Hong Kong's reputation as one of the world's leading financial centers.

By providing technical products and solutions for traditional financial institutions, Innocorn promotes the mutual integration of artificial intelligence (A.I.) and big data and other technologies, jointly promotes the transformation and upgrading of the financial industry, and makes financial scenarios intelligent, which is recognized in the industry and globally by IFTA FinTech and The Innovation Awards 2021/2022 was honored with the Banking Tech Awards. Besides, while developing and conducting different innovative products and activities, Innocorn is also constantly exploring opportunities, actively promoting the automation and intelligence of the financial market, and helping to cope with the ever-changing market environment. Not only that, in line with shifting societal norms, the demand for environmental protection and sustainable development is becoming stronger and stronger, Innocorn will continue to integrate technology and ESG concepts to assist the development of financial technology.


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