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Updated: Jul 3, 2023

After a year's hiatus, Innocorn's co-founder Daniel was once again honored to be invited to the radio program "智識做老闆" by New City Radio, where he shared Innocorn's development and the prospects of A.I. applications in different industries with the program host Ms. Lam Suk Man and the Vice President of the Federation of Small and Medium Enterprises, Mr. Yeung Chuen Sing. Daniel explained ChatGPT and how Innocorn's Voice Chatbot differs from ChatGPT during the program. By combining ChatGPT with Innocorn's products, more and more people can understand the applications of A.I. in various industries and embrace the changes that A.I. brings to their lives and work. The integration of A.I. Voice Chatbot and ChatGPT also makes traditional A.I. customer services more intelligent and precise, providing customers with a friendly and convenient experience that feels like communicating with a real person. Finally, Daniel introduced the application of A.I. customer services in the metaverse, using A.I. technology to achieve 24*7 customer service in the metaverse. Innocorn is committed to continuous innovation and development, and hopes that in the future, Innocorn can use A.I. customer service to bring convenience to ordinary customers, making daily life more convenient and intelligent.

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