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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Collect data from customers directly

Create a brand-specific electronic form to collect the information and opinions of customers and all this data will automatically stored in the system database.

Centrally track customers' status

Increase the customer satisfaction by unifying management of customers' status, sales records, and consumption behaviours pattern, which can facilitate the formulation of effective marketing and retention strategies.

Easily import and export data

Import existing data into the SQL Server system with simple steps. Users can also export system data at any time.

Visualize data

The system supports the creation of a variety of analysis charts such as bar charts, line charts, radar charts, etc., to facilitate users to create clear and understandable operational data reports, such as profit distribution, major customer groups, and marketing channel 4a.


Enquire Real-time data

Management can view real-time data through computers, tablets or mobile phones to understand customer follow-up status immediately.

Customer Relationship Management

Project Management

Monitor the progress of all projects

Clearly know the progress of each project, so as to evaluate the team's workload, assign work and manage. Remote working can also strengthen team communication and improve cross-departmental work efficiency.

Automate important thing reminder

The team can set up an automated process system, and the system will automatically send notifications to remind the team of project updated.

Manage projects by calendar function

Browser project deadlines with a calendar to ensure work is completed on time. Change project deadlines with a simple drag and drop.

Export clear statistical reports

By creating statistical reposts for each project, it is convenient to evaluate team productivity and review the time required for the project.

Order Processing and Supply Chain Management

Automate the order process

The system simplifies the traditional order-issuing process, easily converts the quotation into an invoice with one click, and the invoice can also quickly generate a receipt, which greatly improves the efficiency of order processing and reduces human mistakes. 


Update inventory in real time

The inventory quantity is automatically deducted according to the order quantity, and the inventory quantity is directly updated according to the incoming record.

Customise printing formats of quotations, invoices and receipts

Quotations, invoices and receipts can be freely designed and exported as PDF files.

Track Data in real time

The system can produce different data analysis reports, so that sales and purchases can be seen at a glance, which help to make more accurate judgments and decisions.

Combine inventory, sales, and supplier management

One-stop recording, management and analysis of incoming and outgoing shipments, supplier purchases and order status.

Applicable in many scenarios

The service can be applied to medical care business, hotel, school bank, club, restaurants, etc.

A.I. Smart Concierge System

7 x 24 customer service

The A.I. Smart Concierge provide non-stop service, helping customers to solve problem anytime.

Direct database connection

The A.I. Concierge system connect to the database directly, responding to the customers in details and continuous updates.

Customer self-service

No man needed to operate concierge with high flexibility, such as self-booking, self-registration, self-enquiry, self-payment, etc.

Project Management
Order Processing and Supply Chain Management
A.I. Smart Concierge System


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