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A.I. Smart Service Robot

The world's first five-star AI smart service robot


Automatically process human-machine interactions through multiple modes including voice, vision and gestures.

Supports customized face photographs databases  in milliseconds.

It has powerful natural language processing ability, supports customized Q&A and module configurations.

Supports customized spots guidance, The radar and visual positioning allow it to sense the environment precisely and avoid obstacles smartly.

It can chat, sing, dance, provide encyclopaedic knowledge, say tongue twisters, toll jokes and more.

Supports customized diverse advertisements

It has a full-day battery life. When the battery is insufficient, it can return to the charging and recharge automatically.

The big data backend records all the information of visitors, interactions, guidance and advertisements.




Wide-field images and stereocameras are installed in the front and at the rear, enabling precise facial and body recognition and human-following function, object identification and positioning.


Adopts the self-developed voice synthesis technology.Voice is not generated by recording or mechanical voice system, but an Al voice trained on more than 100 human voices.



The self-developed semantic abilities, far-field recognition, sleep mode, multi-session interactions, and vocal print technologies are among the best the industry has to offer.


The self-developed robot-specific microphone array provides full coverage of near and far fields, has undergone 150 million awakening tests.


Integrated multisensory array precise positioning, active obstacle avoidance, autonomous route optimization, automatic recharge and all-day battery life.




Greeting robot can set a welcome message and greet actively. Through the voice question and answer service, the robot can provide guidance services. By establishing a frequently used hotel location database, it can introduce hotel banquet venues, menus, surrounding food, scenic spots, traffic conditions, etc. And to ensure the specification and uniformity of the description.


The indoor delivery robot can plan autonomous paths, precise navigation, intelligent obstacle avoidance, voice interaction, active advertising, deliver meals and return dishes, and intelligent guidance. Equipped with the self-developed Robot OS system, customized scenes can be customized according to needs, and easy and fast to connect to customer systems.


Welcome robots take the trouble to answer questions, the initiative to welcome guests, guide campus visits and reception, which is conducive to the school's unified management of information and visitor flow statistics and improves campus safety. In addition, you can also have interesting question and answer interactions with students and effectively enhance classroom activity.


 The basic capabilities of  Robot can customization expansion meet the needs of multiple main scenarios at the airport. The security check scenario supports the main entrance of the terminal & customs security check; the waiting area scenario supports intelligent consultation and guidance, and can also flexibly set up advertising and promotion to guide consumption; It also provides smart retail services, flight inquiry and independent check-in process.

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