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Use cases -
A.I. Ambassador

Innovative A.I. virtual agent for smart concierge 

Shopping Mall / Club House /

Commercial Building

• Concierge Information

• Shopping Directory

• Interactive Games

• Promotion and Rewards

• Loyalty Membership

• Concierge Information

• Shopping Directory

• Interactive Games

• Promotion and Rewards

• Loyalty Membership

Using our A.I. Ambassador as:

Shopping Directory

Reservation Booking

螢幕截圖 2021-12-08 上午3.41.53.png



螢幕截圖 2021-12-08 上午3.42.13.png



螢幕截圖 2021-12-08 上午3.42.03.png
螢幕截圖 2021-12-08 上午3.48.24.png

01 Fun Photobooth

Get a selfie!

Take a memorable photo

(including merchant logo and mascot)

at your retail shop. Picture is downloadable

螢幕截圖 2021-12-08 上午3.48.43.png

02 Interactive Game

Attract the crowd!

Interactive games for promotion

and marketing with your customers

螢幕截圖 2021-12-08 上午3.48.35.png

03 In-store Catalogue

Get your product in sec

Browse the products and make

payment right away on the kiosk for

one-step shopping!

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Using our A.I. Ambassador as:

• Events Information

• Room Reservation

• Check-in and Check-out

• Hotel Facilities

• Promotion and Rewards

• Concierge / Customer Service

• Restaurant / Facilities Booking

• In-room tablet integration

• Connect with whatsapp / SMS / Email

• Loyalty Membership

Check In
& Check Out

工作區域 14.png

Accessible via

In-room tablet

工作區域 16.png
工作區域 15.png
螢幕截圖 2021-12-08 上午4.21.38.png


  • Virtual Receptionist

  • Visitor registration via face or ID recognition

  • Call or leave a voice message to teachers

  • Emergency call to contact teachers or guardians

  • Booking of venues

  • temperature checking and record

  • school directory

  • library self-serviced borrowing and returning of books

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  • Visitor registration

  • handling general enquires

  • e-ticketing

  • reservations

  • support wechat, whatsapp, email, SMS, etc

  • payment system (octopus card, credit card, alipay, etc.)

  • temperature checking and record

  • browsing the menu

  • self-serviced food ordering

螢幕截圖 2021-12-08 上午3.00.22.png

Meet our AI Smart Service Robot

and connect to your A.I. Ambassador

  • facial recognition algorithm

  • voice synthesis technology

  • navigation system

  • robot-specific microphone

  • self-charging

  • data analysis

  • handling inquiries

  • guide and introduction

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